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Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas is the world's leading publisher of professional sound effects, offering more than 240 distinct collections to broadcast, post-production and multimedia facilities around the globe.

A joint venture with Lucasfilm led to the 1990 release of the highly successful Lucasfilm Adventure Series Sound Effects Library. This marked the first time that well known sounds from a renowned motion picture studio were made available for commercial use.

The company's signature product, the award-winning Series 6000 "The General", was released in 1992 as a 40 CD collection - a stunning assortment of sound effects that covers all the bases - from ambiences to zebras, with 4 CDs of sound designed effects especially produced by some of the industry's most well known names. Many other specialty products, and a series of Series 6000 Extension libraries, have followed The General. In particular, the Series 6000 Extensions offer updated sets of general effects, including comprehensive selections of recent vehicles, communications and weapons.

You can preview the various audio files online at and contact us for pricing.

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