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Iridas Speedgrade Family

IRIDAS DualStream technology offers a comprehensive toolset for stereoscopic movie review, color grading, finishing and final presentation. IRIDAS stereo products are widely used in the industry and have contributed to the success of many 3D projects, among them U2 3D, Journey to the Center of the Earth and many independent stereo productions, such as Dark Country and My Bloody Valentine.   DualStream

DualStream is built into the three IRIDAS product lines, FrameCycler, SpeedGrade and MetaRender. The level of functionality reaches from simple review in FrameCycler PRO to full correction and finishing capabilities in SpeedGrade DI.

Through RealTime RAW, unprocessed raw files from all available digital cinema cameras can be played and corrected in real time, without time consuming transcoding. This includes files coming from the ARRI D21, Phantom HD/4K, RED One, Silicon Imaging SI-2K, WEISSCAM as well as CinemaDNG files.

IRIDAS has been constantly developing DualStream since 2003. As a result, stereoscopy was not added as an afterthought, but is an integral part of the the system architecture. For example, SpeedGrade and FrameCycler feature real stereoscopic timelines, which don't require you to copy presets around or manually keep track of your footage.

 IRIDAS Dual Stream Products

FrameCycler PRO Desktop image review for artists Supports all desktop stereo display devices. Correction for mirror rigs and temporal offsets.
FrameCycler DDS Screening room review and conform. Supports all stereo display devices, including dual SDI projection. Automatic stereo EDL conform.
FrameCycler DI Dailies color correction Simple primary stereoscopic color correction.
SpeedGrade XR RAW-based color grading and finishing Full color correction and film finishing functionality. Correction of vertical offset and rotational errors. Keyframable parallax adjustments. Sophisticated image analysis. Supports RAW file formats.
SpeedGrade DI Full color grading and finishing. Includes support for all file types commonly used in the industry, including DPX, TIFF, OpenEXR and Cineon.
MetaRender Automated transcoding and rendering. Render left/right eye independently or combine into a processed stereo file. Can be use stand-alone for automation or as a render farm node for SpeedGrade.

 Please contact us for a demo of Speedgrade.

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