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Solutions for Government Agencies

Solutions for Government Agencies

We carry specialised solutions for enhancement of surveillance audio and video. These Video Forensics tools are especially helpful to military departments and law enforcement agencies.

Local government agencies like the Central Narcotics Bureau and Singapore Police Force use our solutions daily.

Forensic Video

Video Investigator Software is the state of the art video enhancement and processing software package. With over 40 plug-ins there is virtually nothing that can't be done in regards to forensic video enhancements.

We offer a fully loaded software package, that will allow you to:deblur, denoise, automatically track, reconstruct, mosaic, stabilize moving images, change intensity levels, brightness and colors, convert into any other common file format (avi, mpeg, tiff, jpeg, etc.), measure suspects, motion tracking, velocity computations, frame fusion and frame averaging, 3D visualization tools, obscure and highlight faces and license plates, get component information, automated logging, scene descriptions, timeline, etc.

For a brief description of Video Forensics, read this article,which features comments from Chris Enzler of Cognitech

Find out more about Cognitech's Video Investigator.


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