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Through 3D Eyes - Shooting in 3D

This two day workshop is aimed at DP's and cameramen who want to learn about shooting stereoscopic 3D movies. It covers the material from Principles of Stereoscopic 3D and adds a strong focus on hands on use of cameras and 3D rigs.

* Principles of 3D Stereoscopic is a prerequisite to take this course.

Directors of Photography and Cameramen

Ian demonstrates use of a S3D rig


  • Camera settings for working with 3D rigs

  • Calibrating the 3D mirror rig

  • Understanding interaxial distance and convergence

  • Working with a mirror rig

  • Applying interaxial distance and convergence to create a stereoscopic 3D shot

  • Understanding the physiological limitations of positive and negative parallax

  • Applying the physiological limits within a shot

  • Working with a side-by-side rig for wide shots


16 hrs (2 days)


Please contact us if you are interested in this course. 


AV8 Media Pte Ltd


S$ 1,500 before GST (and before MDA subsidy)

MDA subsidies of up to  90% are available for Singaporeans and PR media practitioners who attend any or all of our S3D classes. Attendees pay the subsidised rate while  MDA would pay the remaining amount  to AV8 through Six Degrees..

Please note that availability and amount of subsidy is determined by MDA and Six Degrees

Media freelancers can also apply for  a training allowance of S$ 60 per day.


Please contact us at


Ian Wee Woon Hui has had a lifelong fascination with the moving image. From as young as 14 he was already experimenting with digital film making. He graduated with a Merit Diploma in Film, Sound & Video from the School of Film and Media Studies (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) and is currently a director in post production company,Widescreen Media.

He was a first mover in the world of HD, directing one of Singapore's first HD shoots during the F1 Powerboat races held here. During this shoot Ian designed workflows and helped to troubleshoot the problems that ensued from combining different HD formats into one finished product. He has also directed documentaries for Discovery Channel,National Geographic ,Channel News Asia and Arts Central.

He is now a first mover in the brand new field of Stereoscopic 3D film making. With the help of the Media Development Authority ,Ian and his business partner Kevin Lau attended specialised Stereoscopic 3D courses in Germany. This gave them an an opportunity to work with leading stereographers and stereoscopic 3D equipment manufacturers. With the experienced gained there and in the US,Ian's company is one of the first production companies in Asia with the capability and equipment to shoot live action 3D.Their most recent high profile project is Tsui hark's Flying Swords of Dragon Gate 3D,the worlds first S3D martial arts feature film.

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