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3D Software

AV8 carries a range of plugins for popular 3D software,including the incredibly fast VRay renderer for 3DS Max and Maya.We also carry a range of plugins for 3D from Toolfarm,including Digimation,GPU-Tech and 3Dio.

Vray 2.0 for 3DS Max

Vray 2.0 for 3DS Max is a fast rendering solution, which combines the power of the distinguished V-Ray rendering engine with the flexibility and unprecedented speed of the interactive rendering system V-Ray RT, now running on GPUs

Vray 2.0 for Maya

V-Ray for Maya is one of the latest developments by Chaos Group. Developed to meet the needs of the most demanding VFX & Film studios around the world, the rendering engine delivers uncompromised stability, interactivity, ease of use and unprecedented speed.
Now, V-Ray for Maya enables the rendering of even larger scenes with greater complexity and artists can rely on a faster rendering process.


Pdplayer is a professional image sequence player and viewer for the 3D, CG and VFX industry, created by Asynthetic and distributed by Chaos Software. It supports most industry standard file formats including EXR, HDR, DPX, CIN, R3D, TGA, SGI, IFF, PIC and VRIMG. Multiple layers can be color-corrected and composed together in real time.
Despite being feature-rich, Pdplayer is fast and lightweight. It starts quickly and flips through frames with ease.

Toolfarm 3D Plugins

Toolfram has a wide range of pluins for many 3D packages including 3DS Max,Maya,Cinema 4D and Lightwave.

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