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Zylight Z90

The award-winning intelligent Z90 LED light is by far the brightest compact LED light for film and video production. At over four times brighter than our Z50, the Z90 is only slightly larger and draws the same power.

The palm-sized Z90 gives you the flexibility of variable color temperature and access to any color of the rainbow at the touch of a button - all without gels or filters! Lighting professionals will love the Z90's ability to instantly switch between fully calibrated Daylight and Tungsten, with no color shift while dimming.

Tricky on-location lighting situations are quickly mastered with the Z90's adjustable 2500K-9000K color temperature and variable ±GREEN color correction. The easy to use built-in controls and digital display make set-up fast, with user-defined presets for storing your favorite settings.


The Z90's cutting-edge HD-led™ module is by far the brightest available anywhere. And the Z90's wide 130° spread means one Z90 will easily do the job of two or more inferior bulb-type LED lights.


Plus ZyLink™ technology allows you to wirelessly link together multiple Zylights to create a soft LED source as large as you need. Zylights that are linked together act in concert as if they were one unified LED source, with adjustments made on one light changing all lights in the group. Now that's cool.


You can easily control the Z90's output by snapping on the Accessory Adapter, allowing you to easily mount any standard 3-inch lighting accessory you may already have, such as barndoors or a snoot.

See a video demo here


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