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Video Storage Solutions

We  have a range of cost effective Fibre channel based SAN (Storage Area Network)  and NAS (Network Attached Storage) solutions. These allows you to move your media off local storage and to be shared among several editing and finishing workstations.

These systems  offer data rates of up to 600MB/s for multiple workstations. That's more than enough for even uncompressed 4:4:4 video files.

Our solutions are based on either fibre channel or gigabit ethernet NAS or SAN solutions depending on your production workflow and the data rates involved.

Our largest storage installation has more that 100 TB on call at data rates of 600MB/s over fibre. This storage is shared among several editing and color grading suites.

Redundancy is built in so even with multiple hard disk failures your data is protected. Our systems can even contact an administrator in case of hard disk failure

We can also configure storage systems that allow several people to work on the same media at the same time.

As each solution is as unique as a fingerprint please contact us to discuss the  best configuration for your needs.

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