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Some of our courses qualify for up to 90 % MDA subsidies as well as media freelancer training allowances. A list of those courses and the application procedures can be found here

MDA subsidised courses and application procedures

A full list of our courses can be found below :


ADOBE CERTIFIED TRAINING                      

Our Adobe Authorised Training Centre (AATC) services include 2 to 3 day training classes designed to help you make the most of Adobe's editing and post production tools. Our courses range from beginner to advanced level.

We also offer customised training that can be offered on-site at your location or at our training centre.

Courses Offered:

Adobe Premiere Pro 101

Adobe Premiere Pro 250

Fundamentals of Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects Intermediate



APPLE TRAINING                             

Please contact us to find out more about Apple related training

 AVID CERTIFIED TRAINING                      

Professional Editing with Avid Media Composer

Come and learn about the new and exciting functionality that has been added to Media Composer. The course will cover the new timeline direct manipulation tools, AMA enhancements, mixing frame sizes and aspect ratios, transcoding mixed rate material and the new user interface updates

Course Offered:

MC 101: Media Composer Editing Essentials 

A 3 day course to get you up and running on Media Composer

 MC 110 Media Composer Effects Essentials 

A 2 day course that goes deeper into Avid's Effects 


HDSLR film making has caught on in a big way and AV8 has a series of workshops to teach you nto make the most of your DSLR camera.




AV8 Media is proud to be the first in Asia to teaching 3D Stereoscopic Film Making. We offer several classes which cover everything you need to know if you want to get in on this cutting edge field. Our classes are modular,so you can sign up for just the beginner classes to get a grasp of what's involved and then decide if you want to pursue more specialised areas in stereography. Alternatively,you can take the complete program for an intensive learning experience.

(Up to 90% MDA subsidies available for Singporean and PR Media Practitioners)

Courses Offered:

Rhythm In Editing Masterclass

A 1 day masterclass for existing editors to learn the role of rhythm in editing and storytelling

(Up to 90% MDA subsidies available for Singporean and PR Media Practitioners)

Singaporean and PR media freelancers can also apply for a S$ 60 a day training allowance for many of our media related courses. All grant and subsidy applications are processed through Six Degrees Asia

Please note that the availability and amount of any grants or subsidies are subject to approval my Six Degrees and MDA

Post and Workflow related courses

Introduction to Colour Grading

This 3-day, hands-on course gives students insight into the possibilities of Colour Grading, and give them a firm foundation in the basics of Colour Grading.

RAW:2K,4K and Beyond

This course demystifies the difference between RAW motion pictures and traditional HD acquisition, allowing the participant to make informed choices about when & whether to shoot RAW for future projects. 

DoP's and Camera crew can choose tho take the additional 1 day RAW camera handling course in addition to the post segment.

Optimising Workflows for Digital Cinema and TV

The goal of the course is to help attendees understand digital workflows, and how it can empower them to achieve the results they want, for screens both big and small.

Camera and Lighting Related Courses

High Speed Cinematography Masterclass

This is a 1 day masterclass for any DoP, Directors or cameramen who wish to find out about shooting high frame rate video for slow motion.

HDSLR and Compact Camera  Cinematography

This is a 3 day course about shooting on HDSLR and compact cameras like nthe Blackmagic range.

Small Budget ,Big Aesthetics: Lighting with Limited Resources

This is a 3 day course designed to cover the best ways of lighting various schenes with portable lights and to work around budget and crew limitations.

All the Right Moves: Professional Camera Motion

A 3 day course that explains why and how to move the camera to achieve specific results in your productions. A large part of this course invoves hands on work with dollies,jib arms and various camera stabilising equipment

REDucation : RED Camera Certification 

The official 3 day RED Camera certification course.

Glidecam Certification

We offer a Glidecam Novice and Intermediate course.

Courses for Producers

Producers Toolkit

This is a set of 3 courses targeted specifically at producers and independent film makers.

We cover:

  • Content Development
  • Production Logistics
  • Delivery and Release



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Keeping it Real: The Art of Documentary Editing

Documentaries present unique challenges to the the editor, but can also be incredibly fulfilling as well. The editor can play a major role in shaping the final outcome as the story often only comes together in the edit suite.

Understanding the various approaches to the documentary allow an editor to more effectively tell the story in the best possible way . Having a firm understanding of documentary editing makes the editor much more hireable and the skills learned cary over into all aspects of editing.

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