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Final Cut Pro X Training

        Final Cut Pro X Training

Professional Post-Production

Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that helps beginners and seasoned professionals achieve stunning results. In this three-day hands-on course, students become
familiar with the user interface while they learn how to perform editing functions. Students work with real-world media to learn practical approaches to video editing—from basic techniques to Final Cut Pro’s powerful advanced features.

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for anyone who wants to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut
Pro X and prefers hands-on and interactive instruction.

Dates of class:

13 - 15 Nov 2017 (Mon - Wed)
(IMDA Deadline is on 22 Oct 2017)

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme through Six Degrees Asia . In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.

Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA and Six Degrees.More information about application procedures and terms here.

What You’ll Learn
• Using workflows
• Using libraries to organize and manage events, media, and projects
• Applying exceptionally fast, fluid editing techniques for video and audio
• Fine-tuning clips in the timeline
• Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips
• Applying effects, transitions, and retiming clips
• Finishing and final project

• Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation
• Basic knowledge of video editing terminology is highly recommended

Final Cut Pro X Professional Post-ProductionCourse Outline

Day 1
Getting Started
• Upgrade earlier versions of events and projects
• Download and prepare lesson media files
• Understand basic Final Cut Pro workflow
Importing Media
• Define the clip, event, and library containers
• Understand the differences between managed and external media files
• Create a camera archive
• Import files using Media Import and the Finder
Organizing Clips
• Apply keywords to clip and clip ranges
• Search and filter clips by keywords
• Batch rename clips
• Add notes and ratings to a clip
• Create Smart Collections
• Detect people and composition within clips
• Understand and assign roles
Making the First Edit
• Create a project
• Add and rearrange clips within a primary storyline
• Ripple, Roll, and Slip trim clips
• Blade, replace with gap, ripple delete, and join through edit

Day 2
Making the First Edit (Continued)
• Perform connect edits
• Create and edit in connected storyline
Final Cut Pro X Professional Post-Production• Adjust audio levels
• Share the project to a media file
Revising the Edit
• Define and distinguish the two types of project duplication
• Understand the replace edit options
• Use the Dashboard for playhead positioning
• Use markers for clip synchronization and task notes
• Create and edit with an audition clip
• Refine project using trim to playhead and trim to selection
Enhancing the Edit
• Vary the playback speed of clips
• Modify the look of clips with effects
• Utilize transitions
• Adjust transform and compositing controls
• Create compound clips
Finishing the Edit
• Add and modify a lower third
• Split edit audio and video
• Keyframe audio
• Color correct a clip

Day 3
Sharing a Project
• Export to a media file
• Post media to an online host
• Create a bundle for multiple platforms
• Understand the XML workflow
• Identify and distinguish the two Compressor export options
Managing Libraries
• Differentiate external and managed media
Final Cut Pro X Professional Post-Production• Import as managed and external media
• Move and copy clips within and between libraries
Advancing Your Workflow
• Identify manual options for new projects
• Synchronize dual system recordings
• Create a chroma key
• Understand the multicam workflow

Instructor profile :

Isazaly Isa
FCP X Instructor

Isazaly or Zalee as he is best known, has been involved in film and television production in both Malaysia and Singapore. His journey into filmmaking is natural as Zalee, a child actor since the age of 10, practically grew up on production sets in Singapore.

Isazaly spearheads kino-i, a digital production house in KL, into new media. Isazaly’s in- depth research on ‘Digital Filmmaking’ since 1998 as Head of the Research & Development Department at Kino-i has been a key advantage in the company’s foothold in the demanding world of digital technology. Isazaly is
also one of the co-founder of kino-i.

After completing his foundation studies in Product and Graphic Design at the LaSalle College of Arts, he came to Malaysia to pursue filmmaking at Akademi Filem Malaysia. During this time, he was selected to represent the institute at the 7th Independent Du Film Festival held in Brussels, in 1997. He graduated from the institute with flying colors in 1999 while his
graduation film project, entitled “Between Jasmine and His Deep Blue Sea” was awarded ‘Best Film Project’ by the KODAK Worldwide Student Program of Malaysia.

In May 2005, his ‘micromovie’ was among the 12 worldwide finalists toparticipate in St Kilda’s Film Festival in Melbourne, sponsored by Siemens Mobile Germany.
He was also involved as a Technical Consultant in setting up FINASPost (FINAS Post-Production House) Non-Linear Editing System in 1996. In 2010, his 90 seconds short film won the Grand Jury Prize, organized by Britigh Council of Singapore and in that same year, he was commisioned a 3-minute exhibition video for the Malay Heritage of Singapore Museum, that portrays five “kampung games” played in high-speed (slow-motion).

Zalee is currently endorsed as a Professional-Tier in “Editing” by the Content Creative Industry Guild of Malaysia (CCIG) and also a National Certified Film/Video Editor by Malaysia’s Ministry Of Human Resource and has received his Certification as Certified Trainer for Blackmagic Design.

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