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FCP X 101

Please note that FCP X 101 and FCP X 200 have been replaced by the FCP X :Professional Post Production course however we still offer them for interested parties.Please note that FCP X 101 and 200 do not come with the FCP exam as it has been updated for FCP X 10.1.

What our clients say :

"Completed my FCP X training with AV8 Media . Great environment and facilities. Isazaly did a great job of enlightening on FCP X but also provided plenty of real world experience that was motivating and made it particularly enjoyable. Thanks, looking forward to more!!!"

Adrian Ruzsicska

"Great facilities,great trainer and passing the first time is a plus !"

Alex Antonio
Hogarth Worldwide

"References and examples from the trainer's real world experience helped a lot.Zalee got me excited about taking Motion 5 and the advanced FCP classes.Awesome !"

Haider Bachtiar (Scored 100% in the Apple FCPX end user exam )

"A good place for training .Nice facilities .A perfect trainer who was helpful and shared a lot of his real world experience."

Noorhaili Sani
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Final Cut Pro 101 - An Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X is a revolutionary video editing application that makes it possible for beginners and seasoned professionals to achieve stunning results. This three-day hands-on course teaches students to perform basic editing functions while becoming familiar with the user interface. Start with basic video editing techniques and work all the way through Final Cut Pro's powerful advanced features. Students work with dramatic real-world media to learn the practical techniques used daily in editing projects.

This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video with Final Cut Pro X and who prefers hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality.

What You Will Learn:

Creating Smart Collections to organize media based on metadata and keywords.

Using the Magnetic Timeline for an exceptionally fast, fluid new way to edit.

Combining multiple elements into a single Compound Clip.

Finetuning clips in the timeline with the Precision Editor.

Comparing alternate shots from a collection of clips with just a click using auditions.

Applying effects, transitions and retiming clips.

Finishing and final output.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:

Knowledge of OS X and basic computer navigation

Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended


AV8 Media


$ 1,200 before GST

Please contact us if you are interested in this course. 

Course Outline :

Lesson 1 - Exploring the Final Cut Pro X Interface

  • Following a Workflow

  • Opening Final Cut Pro X

  • Exploring the Interface

  • Using Menus and Shortcuts

  • Viewing and Sorting Events

  • Skimming Clips and Changing Views

  • Viewing and Creating Projects

  • Working in the Project Library

  • Viewing Projects in the Timeline

  • Hiding and Quitting Final Cut Pro

Lesson 2 - Importing

  • Importing Media into an Event

  • Importing Folders as Keyword Collections

  • Analyzing and Correcting Imported Clips

  • Importing from a Camera

  • Importing from the Finder

  • Importing from Other Applications

Lesson 3 - Organizing Clips in an Event

  • Using Metadata to Customize an Event

  • Adding Keywords to Clips

  • Assigning Multiple Keywords to Clips

  • Applying Keywords to a Clip Range, Rating

  • Sorting and Searching Clips

  • Creating Smart Collections

Lesson 4 - Building a Rough Cut

  • Creating a New Project

  • Screening and Marking Clips

  • Appending Clips in the Timeline

  • Viewing and Arranging Clips in the Magnetic Timeline

  • Inserting Clips into the Primary Storyline

  • Changing Edited Clips

  • Connecting Clips to the Primary Storyline

  • Closing your Project

Lesson 5 - Finetuning a Rough Cut

  • Adding Markers to a Project

  • Connecting Clips to the Primary Storyline

  • Overwriting and Replacing Clips

  • Auditioning Clips in the Project

  • Working with Storylines

Lesson 6 - Adding to the Primary Storyline

  • Duplicating a Project

  • Removing Clip Selections and Adding Gaps

  • Understanding Trimming

  • Applying the Trim Tool

  • Trimming with Precision

Lesson 7 - Applying Transitions

  • Preparing for Transitions

  • Applying a Video Transition

  • Using the Transitions Browser

  • Modifying Transitions

  • Changing Transition Parameters in the Inspector

  • Adding Transitions to Other Storylines and Compound Clips

  • Exploring Audio Transitions

Lesson 8 - Working with Sound

  • Monitoring and Adjusting Audio in the Timeline

  • Adding Music and Sound Effects

  • Adjusting Levels in the Audio Inspector

  • Creating Audio Fades

  • Recording a Narration Track

  • Correcting Problem Audio Day

Lesson 9 - Working with Titles, Generators and Themes

  • Using the Titles Browser

  • Adding a Lower Third

  • Modifying Titles

  • Adding Bumpers and Credits

  • Working with Video Generators

  • Using Themes

Lesson 10 - Retiming and Transforming Clips

  • Understanding Motion Properties

  • Retiming Clips

  • Creating Holds and Variable Speed Segments

  • Applying Preset Speed Effects

  • Transforming an Image

  • Cropping an Image

  • Adding a Ken Burns Effect

  • Creating Keyboard Shortcuts

Lesson 11 - Applying Effects and Enhancing Color

  • Applying Video Effects

  • Modifying Effect Parameters

  • Auditioning and Animating Effects

  • Applying Audio Effects

  • Enhancing Color in Final Cut Pro

Lesson 12 - Exporting and Sharing Your Project

  • Preparing a Project for Exporting and Sharing

  • Detecting Audio Peaks

  • Adjusting Video Levels for Broadcast

  • Applying Audio Effects

  • Exporting Movie File

  • Publishing a Project to Apple Devices

  • Publishing a Project to Video Sharing Sites

  • Exporting an Image from your Project

  • Exporting for Blue-Ray Disc, DVD, or Disk Image


Isazly Isa

Zalee spearheads kino-i’s involvement into new media. He strongly believes that the digital technology will be the next revolution in filmmaking in this new millennium. Isazaly’s in-depth research on ‘Digital Filmmaking’ since 1998 as Head of the Research & Development Department at Kino-i has been a key advantage in the company’s foothold in the demanding world of digital technology. His journey into filmmaking is natural as Zalee, a child actor since the age of 10, practically grew up on production sets in Singapore.

After completing his foundation studies in Product and Graphic Design at the La Salle College of Arts, he came to Malaysia to pursue filmmaking at Akademi Filem Malaysia. During this time, he was selected to represent the institute at the 7th Independent Du Film Festival held in Brussels, in 1997.

He was also involved as a Technical Consultant in setting up FINASPost (FINAS Post-Production House) Non-Linear Editing System in 1996. As of middle 2003,he has been certified as Apple Pro Trainer.


Ian Wee

Ian is an Apple Authorised Instructor for both Final Cut Pro 7 and FCP X.He is also an Adobe Certified Instructor for Adobe Premiere Pro. In addition to teaching these editing platforms Ian has also conducted courses in Stereoscpic 3D production,RED Camera and many other production related fields for institutions like NYU Tisch School of Film,Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Sony Singapore.

 He is a director who is gifted both creatively and technically – He was one of the early adopters of HD technology and directed one of the first multicam HD shoots in Singapore for the F1 Powerboat race..While he was still a Managing Director at Widescreen Media Pte Ltd (of which he is one of the founders), he supervised post-production for broadcast programmes & feature films, and helped spearhead Stereoscopic 3D production in Asia.

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