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Camera and Lighting Related Courses

AV8 Media is please to present a range of courses covering HD,2K and 4K  production and lighting.

Small Budget,Big Aesthetics: Lighting with Limited Resources

A 3 day course designed to teach you how to achieve professional lighting with small crew and budget.

HDSLR and Compact Camera Cinematography

A 3 day course designed to teach you to work with video capable DSLR cameras and compact professional video cameras for optimal results

All the Right moves: Professional Camera Movement

A 3 day course that explores the aesthetics as well as practical aspects of camera motion. For the hands on compnent you;ll be working with sliders,dollies ,jib arms and a range of camera motion tools .


The official 3 Day RED camera certification course.

High Speed Cinematography Masterclass

A 1 day masterclass on shooting slow motion video.

Glidecam Certification

We offer Novice and Intermediate Glidecam Certification



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