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Seeing RED: An Introduction to Revolutionary Camera System


The RED One digital cinema camera has revolutionised the production industry and has allowed film makers to create cinematic visuals on much lower budgets than were previously possible. Acclaimed directors like Peter Jackson,Steven Soderbergh ,Alex Proyas and Doug Liman have embraced the RED ,and many media professionals in Asia are following suit.

AV8 Media is proud to present a course that guides you through the many options available on the RED One ,and teaches you how to choose the right workflow for your shoot. The first 2 days of our 3 day course focus on the camera itself while the third day is dedicated to basic post production workflows for the RED. Editors and post production specialists can choose to attend just the Post session.


Camera Operators,Directors of Photography (DP's),Editors,Post production specialists


3 days (2 days camera familiarisation and 1 day post workflow)


S$ 1500 for the full 3 day course

S$ 1200 for just the 2 day Red familiarisation

S$ 400 for just the 1 day Post session



RED familiarisation (16 hours)

  • History of the RED

  • How the RED is different from other Cameras

  • RED Specifications

  • Resolutions and Frame Rates


  • Building your RED

  • Accessories available

  • Lenses available

  • RED Audio

  • Shooting on RED

  • Other RED models

Red post production (8 hours)

  • An introduction to RED Post workflow

  • More about RED RAW

  • RED File Formats

  • Using RED Helper applications

  • FCP Workflow for RED

  • Premiere Pro workflow for RED

  • Colour Grading and Finishing for RED

About the Instructor

Lim Teck Siang has been active in the local film industry for several years, taking on a multitude of roles in pursuit of his passion for film. His early professional experience includes working on feature films such as Kelvin Tong’s 'Kidnapper', Royston Tan’s ‘Getai’ double-bill '881' and '12 Lotus', on top of numerous commercials, short films, and print advertisements.

At the 23rd Singapore International Film Festival in 2010, his camerawork for ‘Mu Dan' was awarded Best Cinematography (Short Film Category) at the Silver Screen Awards. 'Mu Dan' also garnered Best Performance. 'Promises In December', which won the Best Film and Best Director awards, was also lensed by Teck Siang.

He has worked with with a variety of formats including film,and the RED One and is an early adopter of the HDSLR,having shot documentaries, short films, corporate work and commercials on the Canon 5D/7D. In Nov 2012 Teck Siang successfully completed the official REDucation course conducted by Ted Schilowiz co founder of RED Digital Cinema.He also completed the RED post production class specialising in post workflows.

His showreel can be seen at http://framesinmotion.wordpress.com/showreel-2009/


Kindly fill up the form below and fax it back to 63369303 fro confirmation.

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