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Producer's Toolkit

Producer's Toolkit

The role of the producer is most commonly taken for granted to be menial, logistical and uncreative. What is gravely lacking in the screen media industry are producers who evolve content into entrepreneurial ventures, execute the operations, deliver the content and generate revenues for the investors, thus maintaining the ecosystem of jobs for the industry. The Producer's Toolkit is a series developed for newbies, career-switchers, and independent filmmakers who want insights and thought processes to run creative projects. Discussions and practical exercises are used throughout the course and attendees are encouraged to share their own experiences. 
These courses are taught by industry veteran Juan Foo.

There are 3 courses that make up the Producer's Toolkit.

Each courses is a 2 day course. Attendees are encoursaged to attend all 3 to thorougly benefit but you may also choose to attend individual courses.

  • Content Development

  • Production Operations

  • Delivery and Release

17 Nov & 20 Nov 2017  (Fri & Mon)
IMDA Grant Submission Deadline is 26 Oct 2017

Who Should Attend :

Producers,Assistant producers and Independent Film makers


Each 2 day course costs S$ 790 before GST.


Producer's Toolkit : Content Development

Producer's Toolkit : Production Operations

Producer's Toolkit : Delivery and Release

17 Nov & 20 Nov 2017  (Fri & Mon)
IMDA Grant Submission Deadline is 26 Oct 2017

Producer's Toolkit : Content Development

This course is supported for up to 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Assistance Scheme through Six Degrees Asia . In addition media freelancers can apply for a S$ 7.50 per hour training allowance.

Availability and amount of subsidies and grants are subject to IMDA and Six Degrees.More information about application procedures and terms here.

What we cover:

Duration 2 Days

Price : S$ 790 before GST

Topics covered 

  • The role of a producer

  • Developing intellectual property - original or acquisition

  • Legal aspects of movie-making

  • Bringing creative talents together - Above the line

  • Independent or Indigent Filmmaking (going it alone)

  • Cycle of screen content - Film & Television

  • Budgeting for Producers

  • Introduction to financing models

  • Various assistance schemes available for content creators (Government related and others)

  • Practical Budgeting

  • Collaborations - Project pitch markets, and co-production

Producer's Toolkit : Production Operations

Duration 2 Days

Price : S$ 790 before GST

Topics covered

  • Script breakdown and scheduling

  • Practical breakdown

  • Practical Scheduling

  • Production Insurance

  • Managing the production – General

  • Production Hierarchy, roles & responsibilities

  • Location recce, lock down and release

  • Camera, Lighting & Location Sound

  • Production Design and Art Direction

  • Introduction to Post-production

Producer's Toolkit : Delivery and Release

Duration 2 Days

Price : S$ 790 before GST

Topics covered

  • Post-production supervision

  • Aspects of music, sound, vfx, colouring, graphics

  • Resolving post and preparations for release – deliverables

  • Marketing & Promotional events management

  • Introduction to film and television markets

  • Working with Distribution partners - Sales Agents

  • The fine print: What to look out for when selling

  • Tracking your content - Content sales

  • Non traditional distribution resources(online etc)

About the Instructor

Juan Foo has been in the business of film and media production in Singapore since the early 90s.He started his career as a grip, gaffer, cameraman, editor and then moved onto independent producing He produced pioneer cult films such as ‘Return to Pontianak’ and ‘Perth’; paving the way and encouraging more independent films to be made in Singapore.

Pioneering the local film and television industry, he has been involved up to seven feature film projects as associate producer or producer. Juan was also elemental in the setting up of production house, Oak 3 Films, and post-production house, Editude Post. 

His producing capacity has seen him work on up to seven feature films and several television projects like anthology series and international documentaries. 

Juan is one of the few producers who have made motion pictures on various formats ranging from digital video, HD and film. His development work has seen him incubate film projects through international film platforms such as the 'Asia-Europe Coproduction Meeting' 'Hubert Bals Award' and 'Produire Au Sud' ; giving him a broad perspective on the cinema and television content market. Juan has also successfully sold a script project to a Hollywood studio.

Juan also represented Singapore as part of a panel for the Asia Europe Foundation Film Development Conference held in Manila, The Philippines; and Goteborg, Sweden. He presented papers touching on the Singaporean film industry concerns of funding, distribution and script development

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