Built in ND on your RED camera

Revolva is an Intelligent lens mount for DSMC2, featuring  Quick-change filter cartridges and a Four-position rotating filter.
It provides Best of class ND and diffusion for your RED

  • Includes complete PL or EF mount for RED DSMC2 and two cartridges covering ND 0 (clear) to 2.1 ND in 1 stop steps.
  • Slot in upper right side of mount receives easily swapped cartridge.
  • Each cartridge has four filter positions, changed by rotating knurled wheel.
  • Always quick to return to clear filter.
  • No backfocus shift.
  • Most PL and all common EF lenses compatible.
  • PL and EF both have OEM circuitry and firmware support.
  • Designed and made by KipperTie in the UK.


KipperTies range of accessories for RED are also available. These include

Diffusion OLPF's

  • Carbon
  • Gold
  • Nylon
  • Pearl

False Colour OLPF's

  • Full Spectrum - False Colour OLPF
  • IR Spectrum - False Colour OLPF

ND Filters

  • DSMC2 6 x FS-ND OLPF kit