AV8 is a dealer for Dynacore's range of battereis and chargers. We most commonly stock the DM-155A battery and related charger


Dynacore's DM-155A Gold Mount mini camera battery features compact size and high capacity which can support 5 hours running time for 30W ENG camera.

A 14.8V D tap output is equipped on the top of battery, which can provide power solutions to camera accessories like on board light, monitor, wireless transmitter, etc.
Max output of top D tap is 100W, 8A, V mount model for this battery is smaller than all other brand in the market. Perfect for RED. Specs are shown below.

The 155Wh capacity makes it perfect for carry on to flights where the carry on battery limit is 160Wh.

Please note  current airline regulations :

  • Maximum of 2 batteries of 100-160 Wh  per passenger in carry on luggage
  • Batteries of NOT ALLOWED at all on check in luggage

These Guidelines are taken from SIA's website at
Please check with your airline to be certain.
DM-155A Specs

Model DM-155A
Battery Type Gold Mount
Voltage(V) 14.8V
Capacity(Wh) 10.5Ah(155Wh)
Max Output 150W,12A
Dimension(mm) 127 x 90 x 52
Weight(Kg) 0.77Kg
Operating temperature( °C ) -30°C~+50°C


The Dynacore Batteries are typically charged with the D-2S V-Mount Battery Charger/Adaptor

It allows :

  • Simultaneous 2-channel charging for both channels.
  • Charging of Li-ion battery is done through V-Mount plate.
  • It can also be used as DC adapter, charger and adapter function can work at the same time.
  • Adapter output is 16.2V  4.0A.
  • Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.




D2S Specifications 


AC 90V~240V/47Hz~63Hz

Charger Output

DC 16.8V/2.6A

Adapter Output

DC 16.2V/4.0A





A 4 way version,the Dynacore D4S is also available.


AV8 typically stocks these items but we have acess to the full Dynacore range so please contact us for any other models. More information about Dynacore is available at