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Chromatte is a fabric designed specifically for use as a background for chroma key production. Unlike conventional chroma key fabrics that are usually blue or green in colour, in ambient light Chromatte is grey to the eye. The fabric contains millions of tiny glass beads that act as reflectors: when any light - such as the directional light from Reflecmedia's lens-mounted LiteRing – hits the fabric, it is returned on the same path back into the camera's lens. This retro-reflectice process means the camera 'sees' the apparently grey fabric as a perfectly even blue or green background.

Chromatte offers unrivalled benefits:

The only light required to light Chromatte comes from the LiteRing.

Ease of use
Quick, simple, effective and consistent.

Reflecmedia's ChromaFlex takes the chroma key shoot out of the studio.

Chromatte drapes and panels can be custom manufactured o fit virtually any environment.

Reflecmedia's LiteRing colour determines whether the production is shot against blue screen or green screen. If circumstances change and the alternative colour is required, the LiteRing can simply be exchanged without any need for repainting or relighting.

Chromatte can be installed into the largest of studios or the smallest office – there is no 'spill' in a Chromatte installation.

Unlike conventional chroma key installations, installing Chromatte takes very little time, freeing up production time to concentrate on other elements like scene composition.

Chromatte Drapes
Chromatte is available in a range of standard size or custom produced studio drapes, where the fabric is backed with a black light-proof drape and hemmed with eyelets across the top for easy hanging from studio track or rail.

Standard Studio Drape sizes:
Wideshot - 3.75m(W) x 2.1m(H) [12' x 7']

Small studio - 4.0m (W) x 3.0m (H) [13' x 10']

Wide studio - 5.0m( W) x 3.0m (H) [16' x 10']

Studio - 5.0m (W) x 4.0m (H) [16' x 13']

*All products conform to BS flame retardancy standard BS 5867: Part 2: 1980.

Chromatte is very versatile. Due to the number of tiny glass beads in the fabric, the camera and LiteRing can move freely and work at acute angles – even when screwed into a ball, you can still key against Chromatte!

Dual LiteRing

LiteRing ImageChromatte fabric is designed to work in conjunction with a LiteRing. The LiteRing features Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) that are arranged in a circular casing that is positioned in front of the camera lens. This provides all the light required to illuminate the Chromatte background for chroma key production.

Dual LiteRings are available in a new dual colour (green and blue) format in small, medium and large sizes. Each size has a series of adapters to ensure maximum compatibility. These specially designed adapter rings simply screw into the filter thread on the front of the lens and then the Dual LiteRing is placed on to the adapter and locked with a two screw, significantly reducing the set-up time associated with conventional chroma key.

Because not all lenses are designed with the filter thread required to attach the Dual LiteRing to the lens, Reflecmedia has added additional adapters to their range of products to enable the user to attach the Dual LiteRing to lenses such as film primes and HD wide angles. LiteRing Image 3


LiteRing Specifications

72mm internal diameter with adapters for 72 | 62 | 58 | 52 | 43 | 37 | 30 lenses

112mm internal diameter with adapters for 105 | 95 | 94 | 86 | 82 | 80 | 77 | 72 | 67 lenses

147mm internal diameter with an adapter to fit 127 lens

If your lens size isn't shown here, check the adapter selector.

We can also supply the necessary stepping ring if your filter thread size is not shown.

The Dual LiteRing brightness is regulated using the Dual LiteRing Controller, which is powered by 12v DC from a universal power supply or camera battery – for flexibility in or out of the studio. You can switch between green or blue by using a toggle switch on the Dual LiteRing Controller.

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