CalMAN Studio Monitor Calibration



Calibrate Your Reference Monitor

With CalMAN® Studio, you can adjust a multitude of settings on your reference/studio monitor. Brightness, contrast, gamma, RGB balance (cuts and gains), color space, and much more. Not only can you adjust these settings to ensure your monitor is accurately displaying content, with CalMAN's AutoCal, it is fully automated and does the entire process for you.

Create 1D and 3D LUTs

CalMAN®'s latest 3D LUT technology, DLC™ (Dynamic Linearity Correction), automatically prioritizes nonlinear points of a display's colorspace and adds extra correction data around those points during a calibration - meaning generating 3D LUTs with CalMAN is faster and more accurate than any other monitor calibration software on the market.

Match Your Computer Monitors

CalMAN® Studio Software help creative professionals standardize color across computer workstations. When your computer monitors are matching in studio, it saves time by ensuring the images you see are accurate. You can adjust built in controls on the Monitor, calibrate 1D LUTs in the Graphics Card and Create ICC Profiles for the Operating System.

From filming, to editing, to sharing with clients, CalMAN® Studio has you covered. CalMAN Studio is capable of calibrating everything you use to view footage - on-set reference monitors, in-suite grading monitors, computer monitors, and client-viewing displays - so you can guarantee accurate and consistent picture quality throughout the production chain.

CalMAN Studio is a complete calibration suite for studio professionals. Capable of calibrating Grade-1 reference monitors, computer monitors, and client-viewing flat panels or projectors, it is the perfect tool for calibrating the entire production chain. Includes extensive hardware support for the latest monitors and video output devices, as well as advanced 3D LUT capabilities.

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