AV8 Media offers a range of Camera and Lighting Courses designed to get participants familiar with various camera techniques,technologies and concepts . These courses are all hands on ,often held in a studio space and can be customised for your requirements.

Our Camera and Lighting Courses include

Camera and Cinematography  Related Courses


HDSLR and Compact Camera Cinematography

High Speed Cinematography

Eye in the Sky : Aerial Cinematography

Camera Movement and Stabilisation

All the Right Moves: Professional Camera Movement

Steadicam Silver Certification

Shooting Effectively with the DJI Ronin

Advanced Shooting with the DJI Ronin

Working with the DJI Osmo and other ultra light stabiliser systems

Courses for Camera Assistants

Assistance Required I : Roles and Responsibilities of the Camera Assistant on Set

Assistance Required II: Advanced Camera Assistant Duties


Small Budget, Big Aesthetics : Lighting with Limited Resources