AV8 Media is proud to be associated with REDucation ,the premiere training event for RED, in Singapore.

RED Digital Cinema is committed to helping shooters develop hands-on, industry-specific skills through the REDucation ® program. Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides the on-set and post-production experience needed to feel confident when shooting with any of RED's professional cameras.

This is real-world training taught by industry professionals. REDucation is tailored for all skill levels, from students to working professionals. REDucation instructors teach application knowledge of RED's entire RAW workflow process, from digital acquisition through post production.

Course Duration:

3 Days (9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

30th March to 1st April 2021 (Tues to Thurs)

To Be Announced

Course Fee:
S$ 2100 before 7% GST
S$ 2247 after 7% GST

Course Outline

Led by a team of RED professionals, students shoot and review 4K+ footage on the big screen each day.

REDucation's core course covers:

  •     Introduction to the DSMC2 System: Experience the modular capabilities of the RED DSMC2 system with various monitoring, lens, and mounting options
  •     Menu Structure: A complete overview of the camera menus and options
  •     Exposure Dynamics: Shooting RED in low light, high contrast, and daylight exterior
  •     Shooting Exercises: Learn best practices whether shooting motion, stills, or in HDRx
  •     Science of RED: IPP2, Bayer pattern, resolution, codec choices, wavelets, and color science
  •     R3D Workflow: Post house and DIT overview, archival, editing and grading options
  •     Daily Screenings: Showcase of 4K footage from students and RED archives
  •     Data Dynamics: Learn about R3D file management, archiving, data rates, and hardware options
  •     Color Grading: Demonstrations from industry leaders regarding 4K professional color grading

About Your Instructors

REDucation is taught worldwide by a team of talented and experienced instructors

Steve Johnson


Steve is a self taught filmmaker and his love for film first began after watching Star Wars at the Futurist Theatre in Liverpool. Steve is an owner/operator of a RED EPIC Dragon camera and established Futurist Online Ltd (later becoming Futurist Digital Ltd ) in 2005  in Glasgow, Scotland. Over the years, Johnson developed his skills on the Red Digital Cinema Camera and specialises in RED Camera Operation, Cinematography, DIT and OnSet Post Production. He has been involved in REDucation since 2009 and regularly teaches in many cities across the globe including Berlin, Brisbane, London, Los Angeles, and Moscow. He also regularly teaches for RED at the YouTube Space, London.

Ian Wee

Ian Wee01.jpg


Ian is an Adobe Certified Instructor for Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic  DaVinci Resolve.He is also an Apple Authorised Instructor for both Final Cut Pro 7 and FCP X. In addition to teaching these editing platforms Ian has also conducted courses in Stereoscopic 3D production,RED Camera and many other production related fields for institutions like NYU Tisch School of Film,Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Sony Singapore.

 He is a director who is gifted both creatively and technically – He was one of the early adopters of HD technology and directed one of the first multicam HD shoots in Singapore for the F1 Powerboat race..While he was still a Managing Director at Widescreen Media Pte Ltd (of which he is one of the founders), he supervised post-production for broadcast programmes & feature films, and helped spearhead Stereoscopic 3D production in Asia. Ian has covered post production at REDucation Singapore for several years and teaches AV8 Media's popular Colour Grading Courses