Small Budget,Big Aesthetics:Lighting with Limited Resources

Photo by Hao Rui on Unsplash

3 days (9.30 am to 5.30 pm)

10th to 12th March 2021 (Wed - Fri)

In person course

Course Fee:
S$1950 per person before GST
S$2086.50 per person after GST

This course is eligible for IMDA T -Assist,NTUC SEP (Self Employed Person ) funding  and Skillsfuture support as below:

Funding Support

Category Trainee Type Singaporean Citizen Singaporean PR
Organisation-sponsored Non-SME-Sponsored Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
SME-Sponsored Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000
40 year old and above Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000 Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
Self-sponsored Less than 40 year old Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
40 year old and above Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000 Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
Self Employed Person Please note that the SEP allowance scheme has been extended to 31st March 2021

Course fee subsidy
: Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000
NTUC SEP Training allowance: $10 to $11  per training hour (depending on whether the participant is an NTUC member) . Total grant per course (sum of course fee subsidy and training allowance) will be capped at the course fee amount excluding GST

Upon verification of submitted documents required for Training Allowance claim, NTUC’s e2i will disburse the training allowance directly to your bank account within 30 working days after submission.

Please note the following

1. T-Assist does not cover GST

2. Skillsfuture funding can be used to cover any portion of the course fee not funded by T-Assist and NTUC SEP funding  (including GST)


A course costs S$ 1000 before GST (S$ 1070 incl GST) and duration is 21 training hours

A Singapore Citizen who is a self employed person (SEP) and a non NTUC member  should qualify for

  • S$ 900 from  IMDA T Assist funding (90% of the S$ 1000 course fee excluding GST)

  • S$210 SEP Training Allowance  ( S$ 10  non NTUC member rate x 21 hours)

So he would

  • Pay S$1070 upfront

  • Claim back S$ 1110 after the course   (S$ 900 IMDA T-Assist + S$210 Non NTUC member SEP allowance for 21 hours )

If the course fee + SEP allowance is less than the amount claimed back Skillsfuture credit can be used to cover the remainder inclusive of GST.

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Course Outline

Media practitioners often lament the fact that budgets seem to be shrinking while client expectations are increasing. Productions often have to work with very small crews and tight deadlines to get their work done. In doing so the aesthetics sometimes suffer . Lighting is a large part of the shoot aesthetic and when working with small crews there is often a feeling on set that there is not enough time or manpower to get professional looking lighting.

However this does not need to be the case. With some know how and an understanding of the latest generation of portable lights, a small crew can achieve a high end look

In this course we specifically tackle the issues faced when working with very small crews and share methods of giving your production a professional look with limited resources. A large amount of the course consists of hands on exercises where participants find out what's achievable with 2 man to 5 man crews. The exercises also consist of typical lighting setups such as for talking heads,chroma key and simple product shoots using both natural light and ultra portable lights such as next generation LEDs.

Safety aspects of lighting as well as power distribution are also covered

Lighting fundamentals 

  • Key light,

  • Fill light

  • Rim light

  • Ambient light

  • Eye light

Quality of Light 

  • Directional,

  • Diffused, bounced,

  • Positive/negative fill

Types of portable light fixtures

  • Flourescent

  • Tungsten

  • LED

Portable Lighting Supports

Power distribution and Lighting safety

The Location lighting process

  • Recce,

  • Plan

  • Equip

  • Maximize

Practical Lighting

  • Film Lighting

  • Natural Light

  • Combining Practical (Existing) light and film lighting

Lighting styles

  • ‘Docu’ lighting (natural)

  • Stylized lighting,

  • Mixed lighting (color temperatures)

Equipment breakdowns and case studies

  • Whats achievable with a 2 man crew

  • Whats achievable with a 3 man crew

  • Whats achievable with a 5 man crew

Practical Lighting exercises

  • Talking Head / Interview

  • On site basic product shoot

  • Chroma Key

  • Indoor/outdoor setups - lightingin actual locations (e.g. outdoor, indoor, office, public areas etc)

  • Small studio lighting

  • 3 point lighting,

  • Stylized lighting (Music Video, fashion, experimental)

About Your Instructors

Derrick Loo


Derrick Loo was trained in economics but  it soon became clear that his strongest passion lay  in cinematography. His ability to create meaningful visuals and aesthetics in his films has led to a number of successful collaborations with other award winning Singaporean filmmakers. With a good eye for details, Derrick has, over the years, lensed a huge variety of projects, including feature films, TV spots, documentary, short narrative projects, MTVs, corporate projects etc, tand has hus developed a unique versatility .

In 2009, Derrick was nominated for Best Cinematographer in the 5th Asian Festival of First Films. And in 2015 he  won Best Cinematography (Long Form) at the Apollo Awards.

Derrick has conducted courses for various local institutions isince 2011. This includes Lasalle College where he conducted camera operation and Lighting courses  and Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Film and Media Studies where he taught Practical Cinematography .

Notable Works include :

  • 《最佳伙扮》“Young & Fabulous” (2016) - (Drama/ Comedy/ Fantasy)
    Dir: Michael Woo / Prod. co.: Encore Films
  • 《为你转身》“I WANT YOU” (2013) - (Romance/ Drama)
    Dir: Chai Yeewei / Prod. co.: MM2 Entertainment
  • “TITOUDAO” (2019) – (Drama) – 13 Episode Series (MediaCorp Channel 5)
    Dir: Glenn Chan/ Meng Ong / Yo Chen/ Prod. co.: Oak3 Films
  • “FAM” (2018) – (Drama/ Comedy) – 13 Episode Series (MediaCorp Channel 5)
    Dir: Glenn Chan/ Alaric Tay / Prod. co.: Oak3 Films
  • “SeNT” (2017) – (Drama/ Comedy) – 8 Episode Series (HBO)
    Dir: Alaric Tay / Prod. co.: HBO Asia/ VeryTay Productions

His showreel and more of his work can be seen at

Eric Lin


Eric Lin Youwei is a cinematographer with more than 15 years of experience in documentary, narrative film and commercials. He has conducted courses for Mediacorp,NUS andmany of AV8 Media's clients .

Notable works include:

  • Cinematographer : “Singapore On Film”  Channel News Asia (MAKE WAVES). “2019 Asian Academy Creative Awards, Best Regional Documentary Series” (SIN)
  • Cinematographer : “Inside: JEWEL Changi Airport”  National Geographic Channel (IFA Media) 2019
  • Cinematographer : “Inside T4: Terminal of Tomorrow”  National Geographic Channel (IFA Media) 2018
  • Cinematographer : “Inside Singapore Airlines”  National Geographic Channel (IFA Media) 2017
  • Cinematographer : “Rough Mix” – Independent Feature Film in 2012. Director: Tan Ying Jien

Eric's showreel can be seen at

Lim Teck Siang


Lim Teck Siang is formally trained in the discipline of filmmaking and currently pursuing his career in professional cinematography. In both commercial and independent work, he is known for his knowledge of narrative film techniques, expertise in cinematographic technology, as well as his strong collaborative spirit and effective team leadership.

He has lensed projects for top Singapore directors Boo Junfeng, Anthony Chen, Tai Heng, Warren Klass, Jasmine Ng, Brian Gothong Tan, Royston Tan, and Wilson Yip. As a strong supporter of the Singapore film industry, he also works regularly with emerging local directors.

Notable works include:

  •     "Jodilerks Dela Cruz, Employee of the Month", an independent short film directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad, which premiered in competition at the 56th Semaine de la Critique in Cannes.
  •     "For We Are Strangers", an independent short film directed by Nicole Midori Woodford, which premiered in the Wide Angle section at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival and was shortlisted for the Asian Short Film competition. The film was also shortlisted for Southeast Asian Short Film competition at the 2015 Singapore International Film Festival.
  •     "Afterimages", an independent horror feature directed by Tony Kern, which won Best Feature in the 11th Eerie Horror Film Festival 2014.
  •     "Mu Dan", directed by Lincoln Chia, which won Best Cinematography and Best Actor at the 2010 Singapore International Film Festival Silver Screen Awards.
  •     "Promises In December", directed by Elgin Ho, which won the 2010 Best Film and Best Director Silver Screen Awards.
  •     "Threshold", directed by Loo Zihan, which premiered in the Wide Angle section of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in 2009.

Teck Siang is an alumni of the Asian Film Academy program held yearly in conjunction with the Busan International Film Festival. He has a Bachelor's Degree in filmmaking from the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University.

Teck Siang has conducted training for many of AV8 Media's clients  including Nanyang Polytechnic,Canon Singapore ,jooja ! Advertising and the Ministry of Education.

His showreel can be seen at