Keeping it Real: The Art of Documentary Editing




Documentaries present unique challenges to the the editor, but can also be incredibly fulfilling as well. The editor can play a major role in shaping the final outcome as the story often only comes together in the edit suite.

Understanding the various approaches to the documentary allow an editor to more effectively tell the story in the best possible way . Having a firm understanding of documentary editing makes the editor much more hireable and the skills learned carry over into all aspects of editing.


2 days 
(9.30am - 5.30pm)



13- 14 August 2020 (Thur - Fri)

In person class with Safe Distancing Measures

Please contact us for upcoming dates. Custom courses can be arranged for your organisation if you have a minimum number .


S$ 990 before GST
S$ 1059.30 after 7% GST

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Please contact us for upcoming dates. Custom courses can be arranged for your organisation if you have a minimum number .

Who Should Attend

Junior Editors, Editors, Directors and budding filmmakers

Course Outline

Do you feel a need to learn the art of storytelling through the craft of editing?

In this brand new aesthetic editing class, we will be learning the following:

• The difference between a short, mid-length and long form documentary.

• The prominent component of documentaries vs a narrative

• How to pace your story

• How to make it real and authentic

• How to make your work engaging

• How to emote to your audience

We will be practising editing using REAL documentary footage during the editing exercises.

About Your Instructor



Li San is a veteran editor. She has been active in Singapore's TV and Film industry for the past 23 years.

Li San won Special Jury Prize and Special Achievement award at Singapore International Film Festival 2004 for a short documentary, INNOCENT (Directed and edited by Li San).

She had edited variety of documentaries for National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. Li San worked as an editor with a number of renowed local filmmakers like Tan Pin Pin and Wee Li Lin, editing TV and film works like Moving House and Gone Shopping.

Li San has been teaching at various institutions like Ngee Ann Poly, Lasalle, Nafa and Objectifs for the past 10years. She was also invited to be mentor and judges for various filmmaking events in SIngapore.