Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro


This course teaches participants to perform essential editing techniques while becoming familiar with the Adobe Premiere Pro user interface. This class is designed for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video with Adobe Premiere Pro and uses hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality. No substantial editing experience is required.

Our 3 day course will provide you with the core skills you need to make the most of this extremely powerful application.


Course Duration:
3 days
(9.30am to 5.30pm)

16 - 18 November 2020(In-person class with Safe Distancing Measures)

23 - 25 November  2020(Online Class via Zoom)

Please contact us for upcoming dates. Custom courses can be arranged for your organisation if you have a minimum number .

Course Fee:
S$ 850.00 before 7% GST
S$ 909.50 after 7% GST

This course is eligible for IMDA T -Assist,NTUC SEP (Self Employed Person ) funding  and Skillsfuture support as below:

Funding Support

Category Trainee Type Singaporean Citizen Singaporean PR
Organisation-sponsored Non-SME-Sponsored Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
SME-Sponsored Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000
40 year old and above Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000 Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
Self-sponsored Less than 40 year old Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
40 year old and above Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000 Up to 70% of course fee capped at $3,000
Self Employed Person Course fee subsidy: Up to 90% of course fee capped at $3,000
NTUC SEP Training allowance: $10 to $11  per training hour (depending on whether the participant is an NTUC member) . Total grant per course (sum of course fee subsidy and training allowance) will be capped at the course fee amount excluding GST

Upon verification of submitted documents required for Training Allowance claim, NTUC’s e2i will disburse the training allowance directly to your bank account within 30 working days after submission.

Please note the following

1. T-Assist does not cover GST

2. Skillsfuture funding can be used to cover any portion of the course fee not funded by T-Assist and NTUC SEP funding  (except GST)


A course costs S$ 1000 before GST (S$ 1070 incl GST) and duration is 21 training hours

A Singapore Citizen who is a self employed person (SEP) and a non NTUC member  should qualify for

  • S$ 900 from  IMDA T Assist funding (90% of the S$ 1000 course fee excluding GST)

  • S$210 SEP Training Allowance  ( S$ 10  non NTUC member rate x 21 hours)

So he would

  • Pay S$1070 upfront

  • Claim back S$ 1110 after the course   (S$ 900 IMDA T-Assist + S$210 Non NTUC member SEP allowance for 21 hours )

If the course fee + SEP allowance is less than the amount claimed back Skillsfuture credit can be used to cover the remainder excluding GST.

Please note that final decision  on grant /allowance eligibility and amount is up to IMDA ,SSG and  NTUC but the example  above is calculated  as per their policies as laid out on their respective websites.

More information is available  on our funding page and on the IMDA Talent Assistance page

Course Outline

  • Introduction
    • Introduction to non-linear editing
    • Linked media and offline editing
    • Working with the Premiere Pro interface
  • Project settings and workspaces
    • Mobile and high definition editing
    • Creating and editing project settings
    • Adjusting user preferences
    • Creating workspace for various editing modes
  • Importing and Assets
    • Importing assets
    • Managing media in the project panel
    • Working with  media browser
    • Overview of video, audio, image and graphics formats
    • Video, audio, image and graphics issues
    • Working with the source panel
    • Viewing and playback options
  • Editing Fundamentals
    • Using in-point and out-point
    • Overview of the timeline and sequence
    • Adding, removing and managing audio/video tracks
    • Creating a rough cut
    • Basic video editing tools and markers
    • Woking with Program panel
    • Trimming audio and video clips
    • Working with the Ripple, Slip and Rolling tools
    • How to use Three point editing
  • Effects and Transitions
    • Effects and effect controls panels
    • Introduction to audio and video transitions
    • Adding, removing and editing transitions
    • Video and audio enhancement filters
    • Apply audio noise reduction filters
    • Basic colour correction using Lumetri Colour
    • Working with Lumetri Scopes
    • Using Essential Sound panel
  • Creating Titles
    • Essential Graphics panel
    • Working with Rulers and Guides
    • Using the Type tool
    • Creating Rolling and Crawling titles
  • Using Keyframes
    • Overview of motion and opacity properties
    • Working with keyframes
    • Adding, removing and editing keyframes
    • Applying keyframes to effects and properties
  • Exporting and Optimization
    • Adjusting audio using the Audio Track Mixer
    • Creating a final cut
    • Working with Project manager
    • Premiere Pro export options and presets
    • Export for social media and various platforms
    • Working with Adobe Media Encoder

About the instructors

Ian Wee

Ian Wee01.jpg


Ian is an Adobe Certified Instructor for Adobe Premiere Pro. He has also taught  other editing platforms  such as FCP X,FCP 7 ,Avid and DaVinci Resolve  at various educational institutions in Singapore. In addition to teaching these editing platforms Ian conducts AV8 Media's popular colour grading courses. He has also conducted courses in Stereoscopic 3D production,RED Camera and many other production related fields for institutions like NYU Tisch School of Film,Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Sony Singapore.

 He is a director who is gifted both creatively and technically – constantly using new digital technologies in his work to push the limits of what's possible..While he was still a Managing Director at Widescreen Media Pte Ltd (of which he is one of the founders), he supervised post-production for broadcast programmes & feature films, and helped spearhead Stereoscopic 3D production in Asia.

Lynus Hee



Lynus Hee is an Adobe Premiere Pro ,Photoshop and After Effects Certified instructor who spent  more than 10 years in video post-production as an editor and motion graphics artist and has worked for broadcasters such as Channel Nine Television and BBC World. He completed his bachelor degree in film and television with distinction from Curtin University and was also inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society. Lynus has been using Adobe software for almost 20 years and is now an Adobe Certified Video Specialist certified to teach 4 different Adobe Software namely Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro and Encore. He had also been a contributing editor to magazines such as PhotoVideoi and Playworks and a speaker in seminars such as Photo Imaging Xchange alongside Julieanne Kost and photographer John Cosgrove.

Gerard Tay



Gerard is an Adobe Premiere Pro Certified Instructor and a Film and TV editor with more than ten years of broadcast editing experience. he has worked largely on local and regional broadcast projects, some corporate videos and commercials. His works include the TV series "Fighting Spiders", which won Special Prize at the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards, and was nominated for various awards at the 2009 Asian Television Awards. He also worked as post technical supervisor on a few reality series including  "The Challenger:Muay Thai" which aired on AXN.

He moderates on the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group with the pen name Strypes, and is proficient with Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. he is also a frequent contributor to Creative Cow's video editing related forums.