Plan ,Shoot and Edit your Video

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Duration: 4 Days (28 teaching hours)

Price :S$ 900 before GST (S$ 961 incl 7% GST)

With  the importance of social media and digital marketing the ability to create video content  is now an almost essential skill .
Modern smartphones are great video capture tools which let you shoot without expensive gear and high budgets.but without knowing how to plan and edit your shoot you won't get a professional production.

This course immerses  you in professional digital cinema workflow and teaches you to apply it to your projects . The skills imparted will also allw you to work better with external video vendors you may hire .

Course Objectives

Participants will learn how to plan, shoot and edit  professional looking content . They will also learn to enhance their videos with dramatic visual effects. .

By the end of the course participants should be able to

1) Understand the 3 phases of productions workflow
(pre production, production and post production)

2) Write a creative brief

3) Understand shot types, camera movements and visual  effects

4) Shoot and produce visual dramatic effects using mobile camera

5) Edit clips in a coherent manner  using  an editing software

6) Work and communicate with collaborators in an efficient and
responsible manner in producing video project

Course Outline

Day 1
- Introduction to write creative brief and understand the production workflow
- Introduction to shot types, camera movements and visual dramatic effects
- Understanding the shot list and storyboarding
- Introduction to basic 3 point lighting
- Introduction to mobile camera handling
- Introduction to Digital Video Today

Day 2
- Recap of day 1 lesson
- Write a creative brief (content) and planning
- Create shot list and storyboard
- Test B roll shoot

Day 3
- Shooting the actual content
- Introduction to Video editing software
- Interface features and functions
- How to import and organize footage
- Basic editing techniques – straight cut, jump cut
- Basic transitions and Graphic titles

Day 4
- Finding the right music
- Basic music track editing
- Edit the content
- Export video to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook

Who Should Attend
Marketers,arts practitioners  and anyone interested in using video as a communication tool

About Your Instructor


Nuraswan Mohamed

Nuraswan has over 15 years of experience in the creative & media industry and is highly proficient in current production and post production practises. He has an excellent portfolio of up-to-date commercial design work.

Currently lecturing at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) ,he has nurtured students’ creative & critical skills which have led to improved performance. His in-depth knowledge of the commercial industry built over decades provides him with the ability to keep participants  updated with industry standards and expectations.