Custom Training

In addition to our public run courses AV8 has also conducted custom courses for many clients .

The process is typically as follows:

  1. The company/organisation contacts AV8 with a rough idea of their training requirements . We then arrange a meetup or conference call with the instructor to discuss what content they would like covered and how the organisation expects them to use what they learn in the course of their work.  During this meeting we would also typically discuss the existing skill level of the participants, expected learning outcomes and any company specific workflows or practises that we would need to cover.
  2. Based on what we discuss during the meeting ,AV8 prepares a quote which includes course outlines ,duration and price of training.
  3. If the quote is accepted ,AV8 then works with the company/organisations staff and HR to coordinate logistics such as scheduling , application for government grants and billing etc.

We can also arrange to run certain courses onsite at the client's location. For some courses we can work with the organisations existing resources (eg camera equipment ,workstations ) and augment those with additional resources. If the organisation has certain existing equipment such as cameras and tools like Glidecams or Steadicams we can cover proper use of  those in the course and also demonstrate other tools that can be used in conunction with or as alternatives to what they already have. For sofware based trainingwe can also work with the organisations existing templates and formats. All materials given to us are confidential and are permanenetly wiped from our systems after course compeltion.

For some organisations that have yet to purchase equipment or software a custom course where they sample a range of tools with the guidance of an expert instructor can help them to make more informed decisions when purchasing equipment.

We have a range of experienced and enthuusiatic instructors in the areas of cinematography,lighting,grip ,editing ,colour grading ,motion graphics,sound recording and audio post so contact us with your requirements and we'll see how we can help.

These are some examples of custom training that AV8 Media has done:


Adobe Premiere Conversions for various broadcasters and production companies

AV8 Media ran custom versions of our Adobe Premiere Pro 250 (Premiere for Experienced Editors ) for

  • HBO
  • Fox Sports
  • Globecast
  • Sony Pictures
  • CNBC Asia
  • Singtel Mio TV
  • Hogarth Worldwide Ltd

All in all we trained close to 100 editors from these organisations in Adobe Premiere. In each case we worked with the various companies to to ensure that the course fitted their requirements. For example if multicam editing was not going to be used in their job scope we covered it briefly and spent more time on other functions that were more commonly used by them such as audio routing. In some cases where they had very specific deliverables we taught them how to create templates specific to their specific workflows during the class.

In some cases where producers and other non editors needed to learn to edit with Premiere we ran a more basic course to cater to their needs.

We also helped to schedule the classes in batches so that each department  still had enough staff able to function while some of their colleagues  were on course.

Apple FCP X Courses for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

BBC had a request from their journalists and producers to learn to edit with FCP X.

They had varying levels of skill ranging from beginners to regular users who wanted to perform more ambitous edits.

After a conference call with them and our instructor ,we worked with their staff to run 2 levels of courses .One beginner and one intermediate ,where we covered more advanced editing and integration with Motion and Adobe After Effects. Before the course we got samples of the BBC inhouse style documents and templates and integrated those into the course so the participants used the same templates they would be using in their actual work.

All in all we trained about  12 BBC staff who almost immediately started applying what they learned to their work.

Custom Camera and Lighting Courses for various clients

AV8 Media has conducted custom camera and lighting courses for various clients .These include

  • Lighting Course at Nanyang Polytechnic held onsite at their studio
  • Custom camera workshop for Bein Sports
  • Custom Camera and Lighting workshop for MOE's inhouse media production team

AV8 worked with these organisations to craft 2 to 3 day courses based around their learning requirements. For the Nanyang Polytechnic lighting course and the Camera and Lighting course for MOE we worked at the client's studio and used mostly their own equipment. We provided some additional tools such as LED lights and camera accessories to show them what new tools were available in the market.

For Bein Sports we conducted the course in a commercial studio and brought in a Steadicam instructor on one of the 3 days to help them achieve the best results from the steadicam that they own. Based on a request from the client we worked with the studio to arrange  a blue screen setup to cover some chroma key techniques during the course.

Custom Colour Grading Training for Mediacorp

Mediacorp requested a custom course to familiarise some of their editors with colour grading. We worked with  2 of our instructors to develop  a 3 day course based around their grading software of choice -Avid Symphony. This was held onsite at Mediacorp using their Symphony grading suite.

Custom Editing and Camera course for Singapore Prisons

Singapore Prisons approached us to run a video editing  and camera course for their inhouse video production team made up mainly of volunteers. We adapted an Adobe Premiere 101 course and included a steadicam component taught by a steadicam professional  . During the course they mentioned that they had a requirement to come up with concepts for an inhouse music video so our instructor downloaded the storyboards he had used for a recent TV music video shoot ,screened the final product and used this as a basis to jumpstart a discussion of concepts for their shoot.

Protools Training for Abundant Productions

Abundant Productions approached us with a requirement to get their editors familiar enough with Protools to use it to imoprove the audio in their edits. We worked with one of our instructors to run 2 half day sessions for them on consecutive Saturdays. 

Workflow Training for Sony Singapore

Sony SIngapore needed to get their camera sales and support teamfamiliar with post workflow,epsecially for RAW acquisition and post for their  high end camera range . This was to give them a firm understanding of the link between acquisition and post ,to  help their staff better  advise clients . We worked with  our instructors to craft a course whith a more technical slant . Various Sony sales and support staff from around the region attended this course and feedback was good.

Custom Workshop for Julius Baer Private Bank

Julius Baer organised a 3 day business workshop for the children of their clients. During the workshop the participants had to  fwork in small groups to come up with a business plan and  present it to a team of judges. The presentation included a mock up video advertisement for their concept . AV8 was engaged to take  4 hours of the workshop duration to run a video kickstart session  . We covered topics like concept creation , shot variety ,audio and voiceovers ,titles and transitions. The participants then applied the skills gained in creating their videos.

These are just some examples of custom courses we've conducted. Contact us and we'll be happy to have a no obligation discussion of your requirements.