Many of AV8 Media's courses are eligiblie for Skillsfuture Credit use .

Skillfuture Credit can only be used by self sponsored Singapore Citizens aged 25 and above.

It can be used to cover any unfunded course fee including GST. The client pays AV8 Media the course fee less the Skillsfuture claim amount . For example if the course fee is S$ 535 incl GST and the client chooses to use S$100 from their Skillsfuture credit,the client pays AV8 Media S$ 435

Points to note

1.Skillsfuture credit application should be done latest by the first day of the course but we encourage you to do it earlier to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

2.Once completed you can send us a screenshot or confirmation to let us know

3.Attendance is done via QR Code so particpants should install the Myskillsfuture app onto their phones before the class  to expedite this . It is available on the Apple or Android platforms


If you would like to use Skillsfuture credit for the course you would need to do the following

1. Fill in the course registration form here

2. AV8 Media will then send you a sales order which you can use as the supporting document  for your Skillsfuture credit application.

After the skillsfutre credit application is approved particpants should send us a screenshot as proo and make the necessary payment

We will then send an invoice with payment details to the particpant.

Participants are to ensure that

Skillfuture applications are  made here before the course start date

It is the clients responsibility to ensure that

a)They accurately inform AV8 of the amount of Skillsfuture they would like to use
b)They have sufficient Skillsfuture credit available
c)They make the Skillsfuture application before the course start date
d) They accurately fill in their personal information (names as per IC number etc)

A video on submitting Skillsfuture Credit claims can be found here:

And a set of Skilsfuture Credit FAQs can be found here